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Join the circular revolution and access thousands of items

“The more we share the more we have”

— LEONARD NIMOY                       

The Munasafn RVK Tool Library operates on the same principle as a traditional library, but instead of books, our members can borrow tools and equipment for various purposes, such as repairs, DIY projects, camping, sewing, and hobbies. By providing access to a wide range of tools, we aim to assist our members in achieving their goals and pursuing their passions.

At Munasafn RVK Tool Library, we strongly believe in the power of sharing and collaboration, which ultimately benefits everyone involved. We invite you to become a member of our community and start exploring all the possibilities available to you.


We are pivoting!

Due to the higher demand from the Circular Library, we have decided to focus our energy in creating more self checkouts and spread them around town!

If you would like to have a circular library in your neighberhood please help us by filling in this form
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